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Flow Simulation Ltd.
Sheffield Science Park Arundel Street
SHEFFIELD, S1 2NS, England
Tel: +44 (0)114 221 1816
Fax: +44 (0)114 221 1801

New Calc98 Version 5 for Windows and Windows CE - popular Windows calculator can

now be carried in your Pocket PC

SHEFFIELD, England, June 22, 2001 - Flow Simulation Ltd. announces the
availability of its calculator application Calc98 Version 5 for the Windows and
Windows CE operating systems.

Calc98 is a scientific calculator with extensive scientific/engineering,
statistics and financial functions.   In addition it has a very comprehensive
range of units conversions and physical constants and properties.   Amongst the
many enhancements the new version introduces improved user customisation, matrices
and arrays, and new display modes, as well as a built-in periodic table of the

A spokesman for Flow Simulation said  “We have been working on the Windows CE
version since the operating system was in beta back in 1997.   We feel that with
PocketPC, the PDA’s time has now come.  The hardware is good enough to support
more powerful mainstream desktop Windows applications like Calc98 which would
otherwise require a PC or dedicated hardware.”

About 200 beta testers have been using the software for the past two months. The
company report that they “made some pretty major changes based on their feedback,
but tried to keep the look and feel of the earlier version”.

Since the original Calc95 was released about two million users have downloaded the
software in most countries of the world. Calc98 gained a five-star rating from
ZDNet’s reviewers and appeared in the top 50 downloads, and was a “People’s
Choice” in the 1998 SIC Awards. The software is particularly popular with
professionals in science and engineering, medicine, schools and financial

Now they can continue to use the software even when they are away from the

Flow Simulation Ltd. has provided engineering software and consultancy since 1982 and is based at the
Sheffield Science Park, Sheffield, England. It has received UK Government awards for technology
innovation.  Company web site:

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